Dogs are natural pack animals and there is nothing better for them than going out with their pals on an adventure! These group activities, whether a pack walk or free play at our boarding house, are designed to bring social and physical stimulation to your dog's lifestyle.

PACK WALKS (1-hour each)


1 walk, 1/2 day, 3/4 day

Whether your dog just needs some exercise or needs work with behaving appropriately around other dogs, pack walks can benefit all. The dogs we work with are taught to walk properly (heel), while improving their social manners alongside other members of a pack. Plus they have a blast!

These 1-hour fast-paced walks are 2-3 miles depending on terrain and weather.

Pack Walk Pricing:

Time Schedule:

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Day CAmp

If your pup is in need of some socialization time or if they may get too tired on pack walks: we offer Day Camp at our boarding house facility. Dogs are supervised, but free to roam the yard and play, or if they’re tired, take a dog nap in our shaded areas.

We offer Day Camp with owner’s dropping-off and picking-up at our facility from 7am to 7pm everyday.


Day Camp Pricing:

**Multiple Dog Discount: 25% off the total bill for all dogs residing in the same household with same owner. (Applies to walks and day camp)