Number of 1-hour walks


time of care

Pack Walk11.25-2.5 hours$32$26$23
1/2 Day of Camp23-4 hours$41$36$31
3/4 Day of Camp34.5-6 hours$46$41$36
Full Day of Camp47-8 hours$52$48$42

**Multiple dog discounts available

Number of times per week

PACK WALKS (1-hour)

Dogs are pack animals and there is nothing better for them than going out with their pals on an adventure! These group activities are designed to bring social and physical stimulation to your dog's lifestyle. All of the dogs we work with are taught to walk properly (heel), while improving their social manners alongside other members of a pack. Whether your dog just needs some exercise or needs work with behaving appropriately around other dogs, this type of exercise can benefit all. Typically these 1-hour fast-paced walks are 2-3 miles depending on terrain and weather.


​Does your dog have more energy than can be exerted in 1 hour? Or do you work long hours during the day, leaving your dog lonely and bored at home?! The day camp we offer basically consists of multiple pack walks. Between each walk your dog gets to rest in the comfort of our air-conditioned vans, with access to fresh water. We also now offer day camp at our overnight facility. Please inquire if that's something you are interested in. 

1/2 Day- 2 pack walks (Approx. 3-4 hours of care)          

3/4 Day - 3 pack walks (Approx. 4.5-6 hours of care)

FULL Day- 4 pack walks (Approx. 7-8 hours of care)

​Slow Packs (30-45 minutes)

Due to high demand, this program was specifically designed for dogs who can't handle the intense fast-paced walks, and has a more social appeal to it. This program is designed for older dogs, dogs with injuries, or breeds of dogs that just tend to move a little slower or breath a little heavier. Typically these pack walks include a slow stroll and a bit of taking-it-easy in the shade. 

**Multiple Dog Discount: 25% off the total bill for all dogs residing in the same household with same owner. (Applies to walks and day camp)