All of the activities that we do are designed to promote better obedience for

each dog. Best of all, those benefits are included for FREE with our daily pack

walks and day camp programs. Most dog trainers will teach the dog owners

the skill set to work with their dog properly but the difficulty with that

concept is it requires a lot of devoted time to such activities - time that not

all dog owners have. With us, we put in the time for the owner, as we 

continue to work with and to improve each dog's behavior on each outing.

Instead of using treats or heavy discipline like most trainers, we use the

influence of other dogs to promote better behavior.

 What you can expect from enrolling your dog in our program:

  • On-Leash obedience: Properly heel (walk properly by your side without pulling)
  • Socialization: Learn to be around other dogs and socialize properly
  • Off-leash obedience: 95% of the dogs in our program graduate to being off-leash obedient. Every dog owner should be able to enjoy the freedom of taking their dog on a hike or to the dog beach, while feeling comfortable that the dog will not stray.  

​Please Note: Although our advice and free training is included in our services, in some situations we will charge $50-$100 per hour to work with dogs who need some extra work 1v1 or in small groups before being able to join our daily activities. These situations are rare and usually involve dogs with high levels of anxiety or aggressive tendencies.