The Works Package $70 & up*

*Price Factors: Breed, Weight, Coat Condition, and Temperament

                           Custom bath

                           Conditioning treatment

                           Therapeutic paws massage

                           Eye & ear cleaning

                           Teeth brushing

                           Anal gland expressing (if requested by owner)

                           Full blow dry              

                           Brushing out

                           Nail trim

                           Pads & sanitary trim

                           Doggy smell-good spray

                           Mouth freshener


The Works + Cut – $80 & up*

The Works Package Plus:

                           Shave Down, Puppy Cut, Trim, extra Furminator


Breed Specific Primping – $105 & up*

*(Weight and Coat Conditions are factors)

Includes The Works Package + Breed Specific Cut