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Is your dog slowing down?


Worried about your dog's athletic ability or stamina? Maybe your dog is a getting a little older or does not do well in the heat… Don't worry, we now offer slower-paced pack walks! Please email us for more information. 


  • Pack Walks (group dog walks)
    • ​We come to you! Free pick up and drop off is provided. 
  • Day Camp 
    • ​Multiple Pack walks or free play at our facility
  • Overnight Boarding
    • ​Our facility is only open to dog who are enrolled in our program on a weekly basis (health and temperament concerns
  • ​Mobile Grooming

We exercise dogs in packs. We combine exercise with socialization… and we have a lot of fun while we do it. 

Whether your dog is in dire need of socialization or just needs to let out some energy, your dog will gain friends and will find its place in the pack, while getting a great workout. 

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